Festival of Street Jewellery

A number of contemporary jewellers in Australia and New Zealand are exploring the street as a site of creative expression. While the field has been based on the gallery as a space of artistic endeavour, the street is a more natural abode of jewellery. At the same time, the field of social practice is emerging in which artist adopt relational processes to connect people together through art.

At the moment, there is no focus for these endeavours. There’s nothing like a biennale or festival.

The objective therefore is to develop an event in where jewellers and artists take over the streets. The projects will develop objects that can circulate through the city making interesting connections between strangers.

A festival of street jewellery enlivens the urban no-go zone between private and public. It can ask many questions…

  • Who are you?
  • Who are they?
  • What are you hiding?
  • Where are you going?

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