Sangam – Australia-India Design Platform

1. A Platform for Creative Partnership

The Australia-India Design Platform is a three-year program of parallel forums, workshops and pilot study. It aims to build a common understanding between Australia and India about how designers and artisans might work productively together. This platform is a step towards the development of a Code of Practice for Creative Collaborations, which will create new opportunities for designers and craftspersons by supporting the ethical and storied value of cultural products.

This Platform will be built on mutual respect, frank discussion, creative play and a focus on long-term outcomes for both designers and artisans.

2. Aims: Sharing ideas and skills

  • To create new opportunities for designers and artisans
  • To consolidate existing experience about Australia-India partnerships
  • To develop innovative strategies for cultural sustainability
  • To find a contemporary understanding between Australia and India, village and city
  • To contribute to the development of the Code of Practice for Creative Collaborations

3. Program

a. Map a consensus through the life-cycle of product development

b. Pilot study

To test out the consensus with a particular traditional craft:

  • Residency for Australian designer
  • ARC Linkage research evaluating its progress

c. Case studies

To share knowledge gained by those who have experience working in both countries:

  • Online profiles
  • Online discussion forum

4. Partnerships

  • Academic partner: Ethical Design Laboratory
  • Industry partners: Australian Craft and Design Centres, including Craft Australia and Craft Victoria; National Association of the Visual Arts; Arts Law
  • International partners: Icograda, World Craft Council
  • Indian Partners: Craft Revival Trust, Jindal Global Law School, National Institute of Design, Craft Council of India, Delhi Arts Residency
  • The Code of Practice for Creative Collaborations will be administered by the New Traditions Foundation

This project is currently open to partnerships with organisations that are engaged with product development. There is also interest in potential partners who are interested in providing venues for discussion, both real and online.

For more information, please visit For a philosophical context for this, please visit

6 Replies to “Sangam – Australia-India Design Platform”

  1. Hello,
    I am currently researching the possibility of creating a modest artist residency in India – for the moment, Varanasi is my intended location, but that may change.
    The overarching concept is to connect artists (of all persuasion) and designers from outside India with Indian artists/artisans/designers for mutual benefit.
    I am particularly interested in creating a pathway for traditional textile workers around the Varanasi area to improve their standard of living: the traditional skills of Benares weavers are being seriously challenged by many factors, and the skills are in danger of dying out.
    I would be very interested to discuss issues related to this project with you and to possibly discover synergies between your project and my plans.

  2. Sounds like an exciting and ambitious project. I have seen drafts of the code book with Sharmilla. How do I find out more?

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